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oh thats why we haven't seen you backstage ??

Posted by IVIike on Sep 14, 07 8:57 pm

Hey, sorry couldn''t get back to you earlier. well, i have college and work.

Posted by Clashing on Sep 14, 07 7:20 pm

where have you been???

Posted by IVIike on Sep 10, 07 4:14 pm

no... PM me about it :/

Posted by IVIike on Aug 24, 07 10:06 am

Hey, did you warn the user 'crusha' for saying slangs in the forums?

Posted by Clashing on Aug 22, 07 8:17 pm

Hey! Seems like you're a PHP user! Wanna help me on that!? Sorry, if that sounds like a bad intro there or whatever. But hey, this is Sarah. =)

Posted by Clashing on Jul 8, 07 8:46 pm
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